Jerzy Nowosielski – Władysław Podrazik’s Painting

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Władysław Podrazik’s painting, despite the artist’s relatively short period of development, can be counted among the artistic occurrences whose features are very strong along with clearly defined ‘content’ and ‘lyrics’. It can be simply and generally said that the artist has already become a fully defined and shaped personality. He is totally free from the currents of our decade. I think that this independence results from his broad humanistic interests and pursuit of esoteric thought and spirituality that are reflected in his painting as well as focused and deepened vision. Such interweaving of the artist’s vision with contents related to other spheres of the human spirit and thought is highly risky and usually doomed to failure. It often results in some duality of creation, like descriptiveness, to the detriment of the element of painting itself.

However, when this element unites with other layers of human spirituality in true synthesis the result is a highly enriched and moving art. Such synthetic unity prevents the artist from loosing his independence when exposed to changing trends. Independence gives the artist’s work great power and his audience a feeling of deep tranquillity and joy. Joy that overflows in us when we become liberated from particular conditions that determine our perceptions and experiences.

When contemplating Podrazik’s painting I personally do feel true joy and tranquillity and therefore I think that in relation to this artist these emotions are not just my perceptions but general criteria to measure the value of his art.

(Podrazik. Exhibition Catalogue, Starmach Gallery, Krakow, May 1993)