Jerzy Nowosielski – Epiphanies

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Władysław Podrazik’s paintings are a momentous occurrence not only in Polish art. But what do we mean by ‘art’? Where is it and what is it? When asked about literature or rather Literature, Gombrowicz, a famous Polish writer, replied: ‘Literature? (…) There have been only few good writers…’ (including himself naturally). The same can be said about painting. There are only a few good painters… There have been only a few good painters throughout the history of painting… Wild expressionism kills the art. There is no more art, there is no more European music, cameral or symphonic, no classical jazz that corresponds with cubism in its most insightful realizations… There is just gibberish and babble – in painting, music or any other field… In such circumstances the good painting tradition cherished by few is something totally exceptional and truly important. Władysław Podrazik is one of the few who can still be called a painter. I know that Podrazik’s painting is true.

(An excerpt from a comment by prof. Jerzy Nowosielski taken from K. Glondys’s broadcast “Epiphanies – Władysław Podrazik”. Pictures, Words, Sounds, TV Krakow, 25 October 1991)